by Tom K

Think It's NoT Illegal Yet

Think, It's Not Illegal Yet


Knowledge is a powerful weapon. It's also something that is taken for granted. Recall, if you will, The Ancient Library of Alexandria.  In BCE Egypt, knowledge was highly prized and often reserved for the elite classes.

When boats were docked at Alexandria, they weren't searched for weapons or drugs, but rather they were searched for books and scrolls.

As a result of this mass accumulation of hoarded knowledge the Library was eventually attacked and set on fire. Many of the ancient scrolls were lost. 

This illustrates the great preciousness of knowledge. Yet, something once so coveted, is now merely neglected.

The amount of knowledge at Alexandria is but a fraction of what you now posses at your fingertips.  

We have all of this access to knowledge but our appetites to ingest it has waned. 

Should a time come again when the very destruction of our access to knowledge should arise, we will truly understand what we are taking for granted.  

When thinking becomes illegal, when access to knowledge is restricted, what will we do?

Think. It's a priceless gift to have the ability to think. Use it.


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Tom K
Tom K


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