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Trust Me, I'm a Writer T-Shirt

Intelligent Shirts are our bread and butter here at Epicdelusion Clothing Company.  There's two different ways you can wear this T-Shirt. Honestly or sarcastically. Of the writers I have known, met or extensively researched, they are always one of two things; brutally honest or completely full of shit.  If you're the brutally honest type of writer, then you can wear this shirt with pride. You've likely accumulated, over time, a substantial following of those who would hoist you up over their shoulders in an enthusiastic celebration, as well as those who would hoist you up only to lob you off of a cliff.  You've earned your supporters and you've earned your enemies. Take solace in that you've done so with passion, honesty and dedication. You can be trusted, get the shirt to let the world know it! 

Now, if you're the shyster, the liar, the fence-walker, the politician type of writer, you too can wear this t-shirt, only in the sense that a ravenous nymphomaniac would wear a "I'm a good girl" t-shirt.  Having a sense of humor in this world goes a long way and frankly it is a breath of fresh air.  If you're a writer that can't be trusted for shit, or know a writer that can't be trusted for shit, then this shirt is for you. ;)


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Tom K
Tom K


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