by Tom K


Epicdelusion Clothing Company are known for their intelligent shirt designs.  Where does all of the inspiration for the philosophical and intellectual t-shirts, found in Epicdelusion's online store, come from? Why, the owners and founders of Epicdelusion Clothing, of course. It all began sometime in high school when it became quite evident that there was something unusual about us; something different. We were never highly academic people. Neither one of us went to college, and we barely graduated high school. We had something unique, however... something rare. We were true thinkers. We were far beyond the confines of academia. The pursuit of knowledge was our desire and deep philosophical understanding was our quest. Science, literature, politics, philosophy, art, music, the interesting, the bizarre, the confounding -- we lived and breathed it and have been doing so for some time now.  It has become our vocation and will always be our passion.  Keep thinking, it's not illegal yet. :)

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Tom K
Tom K


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