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Dissent is Patriotic T-Shirt

We here at Epicdelusion have some political t-shirts that are controversial to some people.  We're often mistook, because of our subversive stance on a lot of issues, for being unpatriotic.  Have we as a society forgotten how the United States was formed? That attitude of individual liberty and rebellion in which was embraced by the founders of this great nation?  A wise man once said "You can love your country without having to love your Government."  This is true. We love this land and we love our Nation and we view the corrupt members of our Government as intruders on the ideology of freedom.  Why would you stop loving your home country just because a handful of nut jobs are trying to conquer the world with the guise of being an American?  Let's simplify that idea; what if you had a crazy uncle move into your home and started being a dick and trying to fight with the neighbors and shit? Would you stop loving your parents? Would you stop loving your wife? Would you stop loving your children? Would you move out to a motel and say "Fuck that house?".  Of course you wouldn't. You'd fight back wouldn't you? You'd kick the crazy uncle out. The same logic can be applied to what has happened to our Country. A few nut jobs moved in and started being dicks.  Are we gonna run away or say "Fuck America" because of them? Hell no.  We're gonna be defiant, we're going to be unruly against their order, we're going to call out their corruption and we're gonna take back our Nation in the name of liberty, sense and justice. That is why we designed this T-Shirt, because our dissent IS patriotic.

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Tom K
Tom K


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