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Never Blame the Pit Bull T-Shirt

This is a bold statement indeed, and controversial, but it does have merit.  As a pit bull advocate I try to be fair when analyzing the assertions that are popular in our society.  One such assertion is that Pit Bulls (or any dog for that matter) are inherently vicious animals.  Are pit bulls dangerous?  A pit bull is an animal, like all other animals, they lack the reason and logic skills that humans have as a result of the frontal cortex in the human brain. Humans can be dangerous even with the high capacity for reason and logic their brains have, so it's fair to asses that a dog can be dangerous as well given their handicap to having little ability to reason. It's all a matter of subjectivity, however.  It really depends how you classify danger. Why are some humans more dangerous than others? Is it nurture or nature? It's perhaps both, but anthropologists are able to decipher that family background, upbringing, socioeconomic factors etc. have a deciding impact on a human's behaviorism as adults.  It stands to reason that this logic can be played into the equation as well with animals. Sure, there are cases where pit bulls were brought up in good homes and were treated well (as far as we know) and were still involved in a violent attack. Generally speaking, however, there is a direct correlation between behavior and upbringing.  If you raise the animal in a loving and caring environment, the likelihood of the animal being involved in a vicious attack dramatically decreases.  So where do we place the blame when said violent attacks, involving pit bulls, occur?  The same place the blame is placed when a child commits an atrocious act; on the parents.  We shouldn't blame a breed of dog, or the deed either, we should blame those who abuse the animal, those who deprive them of a loving and caring environment; for those are the ones who have caused (in most cases) the animal to behave violently.  At any rate, if Moby Dick has taught us anything, is that you can't take revenge on an animal, you can't hold an animal to the same standards as human beings.  That's why I am confident when I say, 'Never blame the pit bull, blame the scumbags who abuse them'.


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Tom K
Tom K


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