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Hunter S. Thompson Hobo Nickel T-Shirt


What I like the most about this Hunter S. Thompson Shirt is that it's a picture of an actual hobo nickel.  A Hobo Nickel is a buffalo nickel or any type of coin that is modified by carving out the image with carving tools.  This particular hobo nickel was done by a friend of ours named Robbie Morris, Aka 'The Deadman Jeweler'.  I wasn't able to get this nickel that he carved, but I was able to win an auction for another one of his pieces. The precision and artfulness is mind boggling. I was extremely impressed that he was able to achieve such detail on such a small surface area.

This Hunter S. Thompson Design is pretty cool. We decided to print this on a 230 mesh screen in a half-tone matrix. The detail of the shirt compared to the actual coin is a little different because of the printing process, but I was really happy with the way the shirt came out nonetheless... it has a rustic, artsy, grunge feel to it, making it quite unique and very wearable.  One of my favorite Thompson based designs that we have. Thanks to Robbie Morris, the Deadman Jeweler!

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Tom K
Tom K


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