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Hunter S. Thompson T-Shirt
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Hunter S. Thompson Drive Fast T-Shirt

"Drive fast on empty streets with nothing in mind except falling in love and not getting arrested" is a quote by Hunter S. Thompson . Let the good times roll. 

There's something magical about this line of text, something whimsical and beautiful.  It reminds me of the winter of 1999; I remember having this feeling that the world was going to change, and not in the sense of politics or world peace or anything like that, but some indescribable feeling that something monumental was going to happen. Perhaps the end of the world was coming, like the Y2K conspiracy theorists would have had us believe.  Whatever it was, it was an unmistakable energy, a feeling of perpetual and glorious intoxication that would thrust you into a state of absolute fearlessness. We were there, we were young and all we had on our minds was falling in love and not getting arrested.

This shirt is awesome and one of my favorite excerpts from the good doctor.

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Tom K
Tom K


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