by Tom K

There are many options when perusing the infinite cyber world for cool T-Shirts.  The coolest T-Shirts that are both cool and simplistic, can be found at Epicdelusion Clothing Company. Sure, I co-own the company so I am a little partial, but allow me to demonstrate: 



Is war cool? Is dropping bombs on innocent people, that have nothing to do with the decisions that political leaders make, cool? You're damn right it's not cool.  War is sometimes necessary, but it's certainly never cool.  What makes this t-shirt so cool?  It offers an alternative idea to dropping bombs, something that IS cool. Dropping sick beats is cool, much cooler than dropping bombs.  See what I mean? :)  We got the vintage 80's style boom box rocking it too. It's a cool shirt, if you disagree, then you suck, go buy your shirts from the Disney Store.  If you're cool, you can buy 'em here. ;) 





Perhaps one of the coolest movies that is specifically designed to demonstrate complete and utter coolness is Dazed and Confused.  Contained within this cool flick, is the character 'Wooderson'.  He was one that talked about how much he liked high school girls and said 'alright alright' a lot.  One clip shows him with Mitch, the freshman, and he asks if he has a joint to which obviously Mitch the freshman replied that he did not.  Wooderson then drops one of the coolest and most memorable quotes of cinema history: "It'd be a lot cooler if you did".  This is a cool T-Shirt, trust me, and if you haven't watched Dazed and Confused then I would suggest moving the rock and getting your ass to the video store to buy it, then come back and buy this t-shirt. ;)





Ok, you might be thinking 'WHAT?! Cocaine? How could this possibly be a cool t-shirt?!'  Well, if you just thought that in your head then you're a dork and you're probably not going to like our t-shirts.  We don't necessarily endorse illicit drug use here and Epicdelusion, but we're certainly not condemning it either ;) Just be safe kids, don't get yourself killed at an EDM festival hero dosing on some shit a strange hippie just sold you. 




If you get a good night's sleep every night then you're obviously not living life to its fullest and coolest potential. Rock Stars, Athletes, Entrepreneurs, T-Shirt Company Owners, we never get any sleep, why? Because we're awesome and we live awesome lives.. well, maybe not T-Shirt Company Owners, but you see my point. If you're living wild and free and having the time of your life then you're always going to feel like you need more sleep. This is a cool Tee. 



That's just a few examples of the coolness you're about to get involved with here at Epicdelusion Clothing Company. To See All of our T-Shirts Click Here.  

Tom K
Tom K


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